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Jul 26, 2009
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If you've visited some cross dressing sites and already discovered how much fun they can be, then you should visit JackOffLingerie if you haven't seen it yet, because it's very different and unlike any other crossdressing or gay site that I've come across so far.

It doesn't have lots of lovely looking and very effeminate looking boys that you'd already think were girls if you didn't know better, but instead it has big burly men that look like firemen, truck drivers, laborers or cops etc. and when they put on their makeup, wonderfully sexy lingerie and very pretty dresses and frocks, they look amazing, and many gays and bisexuals would swear that they look much better than women, and certainly good enough to eat.

The site is hardcore, and the guys don't just pose or jack off, but there's a lot of fucking and sucking too and everyone looks like they're having a whole lot of fun as well and are really enjoying the action.

JackOffLingerie has plenty of highly quality content already and more is getting added all the time and the price is about spot on for what you get.

If you're straight and are sure that you wouldn't like anything about the site then I'd suggest that you at least go and check the tour because you might be pleasantly surprised by how weird and exciting the site is.

The tour really gives a very good idea of what's inside gays and if you're gay or bisexual, you should love it.

Men In Panties

Jun 25, 2009
Crossdressing tube

gay sissies

The GaySissies site already has a huge collection of crossdresser gay sex pictures and videos and it's getting biweekly updates, meaning every two weeks, and we checked them out, and it's true.

The site will almost certainly appeal to gays the most, because of the hardcore gay sex, but there's a lot of stuff on the site that will interest and excite bisexuals and straights too.

What might like straights and bisexuals enjoy?

GaySissies is packed jam tight with beautiful young men that slowly put on their makeup and women's clothes, and when the transformation is complete, every read blooded man would find them adorable, and fuckable.

The sissies on the site don't just want to be mistaken for women, but they want to be screwed like women get screwed, and to suck cock like women suck cock.

It's said that a climax that achieved by ass fucking is even stronger that one that's got by pussy fucking, and although I can't say from personal experience, the orgasms on the site look real and the guys look like they're really enjoying the sex, and not just performing for the camera.

GaySissies also has something which is rare, and that's internal cum shots, and a word of advice is to keep the sound turned up when you watch those clips, because the sound is amazing!

The site provides what it promises, lots of high quality content that features amateur cross dressers in hardcore content and staying a member on a recurring monthly basis might be a good idea because of the large amount of updates.

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Jun 25, 2009
Crossdressing movies

crossdressing movies

ZoeFuckPuppet is the home of an amateur shemale called Zoe, but "amateur" in this case means that she appears on the site for free and doesn't refer to the quality of the site, or her wonderful sucking and fucking abilities.

The site already has hundreds of very high quality videos, and thousands of pictures and it's getting updated twice a week with fascinating and very erotic videos such, Private Dancers, which features Zoe and her friend Karla having fun with lots of poles, and I'm not talking about men from Poland, and The Greatest 4some which includes memorable hi-res pictures.

Her site is very different to the run of the mill t-girl sites because it is has a huge amount of very kinky content along with all the other extreme hardcore stuff that you'd expect, and it includes, bondage, dungeon, weird machines and a great deal of costume material as well.

She says that she particularly enjoys sex in public places because the idea of being caught on the job particularly turns her on, and she loves the feel of warm cum splattering on her face, and fur and pubic hair rubbing gently against her skin.

The tour is excellent and gives a very honest idea of what's on the site and you can download a free video whilst you're there.

Check out the updates page too, and see how much of the new content is real high-definition, and also the price which is better than fair, and maybe sign up for Zoe's personal newsletter too.

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Jun 25, 2009
Forced to crossdress

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If a tranny niche site that features an English t-girl who says that her idea of a fun is to have a few friends over for some wine and a lot shagging sound good, then you should probably check out LuciMay.

The site alread has hundreds of videos and thousands of pictures and the quality is high definition, and if you don't know how good that is then go find out, and if you already know, then you're probably already getting excited.

Luci is neither ugly nor gorgeous, but she does have some great looking friends, and in addition to loving to suck and fuck they all love kinky stuff too, so there's a lot of fetish content on the site.

Luci told us that she loves to go out in the woods and parks and to feel the wetness or her face, and silly us, we thought that she was talking about the English rain, but she was referring to facials, which loves to get in public places.

In addition to cum getting sprayed on faces, there's also, smoking, spanking, bondage, nylons, pinup, upskirt, pantyhose, and lots of other weird and wonderful stuff too.

If you enjoy the shemale niche, then chances are that you will love the site, and if it doesn't have something that you particularly like, then leave Luci a private email on the site, and if it's legal it should soon appear.

The site is updating twice a week and the tour's a good one, so go check it out now.

Click here to visit Luci May's personal website!