Importance of Identifying the Risks Involved In Relocating Factories

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Identifying the risks involved with relocating factories and minimizing them is a particularly important decision for relocation projects that involve high-level investment. Utilizing Factory relocation services can greatly assist businesses during these times.

The Purpose of Risk Assessment

Risk identification can identify risk events that may occur in the future. Relocating large amounts of industrial factory equipment can highlight many risk factors that could potentially injure employees and the business.

Risk Is Proportionate To Level of Business

For some small factories without significant production equipment, it may be easier to move them. However, for those businesses that need to move a lot of heavy equipment from a factory, relying on the workforce is not an option. Instead, equipment relocation services need to be employed to move said equipment in a safe and timely manner. The factory cannot carry this equipment. Valuable equipment, fragile parts, and stock must be protected during the relocation process. Otherwise, the equipment may be damaged. Therefore, when encountering the handling problems of such large machinery, it is a headache.

Can A Consultant Be Hired For Risk Assessment?

Consultants can significantly enhance the risk assessment process, but ultimately, employers shoulder the responsibility of ensuring their employees are safe. Employees should also be trained to identify hazards and take appropriate actions. Choose diversified and qualified groups. Operators, electrical engineers, Technicians, production supervisors, health and safety professionals are potential candidates. These individuals should be authorized by the executives of the company responsible for allocating resources. Management must provide resources and leadership to make these positions credible.

Types of Risks Involved When Relocation Factories

  • Hardware Risks 

Hardware risks during equipment relocation. Hardware risks mainly include the dangers of disassembly and installation of equipment, transportation risks, and natural climate risks. The proficiency of hardware installation engineers and the complexity of the project site are the main reasons for the dangers of dismantling and installing equipment. The protection of equipment, the status of transport drivers and vehicles are also the main reasons for transport risks. 


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Software Risks

Software risks during equipment relocation. The software should always be backed up physically onto hard drives as well as digitally onto cloud services. If implementing new systems during the factory relocation it should be appropriately managed so that the integration of new systems is smooth and doesn’t impact factory productivity. Equipment manufacturers offer updates and warranties on the majority of their equipment so if the software requires updating this should be looked into. Failure to backup data or corrupted importing offers significant risk.

Costs involved

Relocating factories can be expensive and thus pose a significant dilemma to manufacturers and business owners, it can cost a lot of money to relocate an entire workspace, so it needs to be a properly thought-out decision before the commencement of the move. A relocation plan should be implemented to highlight all the pros and cons of the potential move, and whether or not it is in the company’s best interest to relocate their factory elsewhere. 

What Can Be Done to Reduce the Risk of heavy factory Machines?

Whenever working with heavy machinery a variety of factors need to be taken into account when considering safety. Implementation of safeguards, using personal protective equipment, raising the level of general hazard awareness, and develop safe working procedures for all tasks where hazards cannot be eliminated or controlled. The final result should be an acceptable level of risk.