Boeing 737 MAX – CEO pledges safer return

Boeing plane

Boeing’s CEO Dennis Muilenburg has apologised for lives lost in deadly crashes in Ethiopia and Indonesia, but said the airplane manufacturer remains confident in the “fundamental security” of their 737 MAX aircraft.

Upcoming software upgrades to its automatic control system will make it”one of the safest planes ever to fly,” Muilenburg said.

The report from Ethiopia’s Aircraft Accident Investigation Bureau spelled more bad news for Boeing, as it recommended that Boeing re-examine its Maneuvering Characteristics Augmentation System (MCAS).

“We at Boeing are accountable for the lives lost in the current 737 MAX accidents,” Muilenburg said in the statement, adding that a software upgrade is anticipated to be completed and certified in the coming weeks.

The upgrade plans to”eliminate the possibility of accidental MCAS activation and stop an MCAS-related accident from ever happening again,” he said.