How to Avoid Spider Infestations

Spider Treatment Pest Control

Now is a time to be serious. There are not many people who can say they like spiders. While most of the little critters are harmless and for the majority of the time they are more scared of humans than the humans are of them. But regardless people don’t like to have them in their homes. Autumn has arrived and the cooler weather has come with it, but unfortunately that means spiders are now setting up their homes in the furthest corners of your home.

The number of spiders living in homes will normally grow at the end of summer and the start of autumn due to the male spiders looking for a mate. Spiders can be found in corners of your homes, in cracks, in the shower and even in your bedroom. If you rather not share your home with spiders, prevention and treatment are the key. If you have an infestation already then spider treatment pest control will be needed to eradicate them, however if your home is spider free, here are a few ways you can keep it that way this Autumn.

Keep your home tidy and free of clutter
Cutting down on how much clutter is around your home will reduce the amount of places that spiders have to call home. Keep surfaces clean and free of dust and vacuum often. If you see egg sacks, spiders or webs that you cannot reach, use your vacuum to clear them up.


Seal off the cracks in your room
Don’t give spiders entrances into your home. If you have holes, gaps and cracks in the windows and doors it is a great way for spiders to get inside. Cover vents with a mesh and mend any torn screens on windows.

Remove any vegetation around your home
Spider Treatment Pest ControlSpiders love being making their home around woodpiles, under rocks, compost piles and shrubbery. Try to remove all plants that are close to your home and anything else that makes a nice home for spiders, this will deter them for coming inside.

Using pesticide
You can use a commercial pesticide that will kill spiders and keep them away from 6-12 months. These pesticides also work for a number of other pests, which can save you money on things such as cockroach pest control. You will need to have the area resprayed in that 6-12 month timeframe to avoid the return of spiders. There is a type that can be used indoors but it is best done by professionals and you will need to leave the home for the time.

Keep the lights off
If you have outside lights ensure you keep these off as much as possible as light attracts insects that spiders will look for to eat.

Use vinegar and natural oils

Spiders hate the smell of tea-tree, eucalyptus peppermint and citrus scents,

fill up a bottle of water and mix in about 20 drops off essential oils or vinegar and spray in areas around your home where you have spiders. This spray can be used in cracks, crevices and popular areas of your home like under desks and in shoe storage areas.

Not all spiders are harmful, and some prefer to steer clear of humans at all times. This still doesn’t mean you want spiders living around your home.

There are many tricks and tips that you can try but a few will be trial and error. You might find some work for you but not for others. It will also depend on what type of spiders you have in your home.

Talk to your local pest controller who can help you out with prevention tactics and the best plan of action to help rid your home of a spider infestation.