Marketing jobs in Australia

If you are serious about getting a job in the Australian marketing industry, then you need to think which job you want to get involved with. Marketing jobs branch off to many different areas, so the options are endless. Here we have listed the biggest marketing roles for which you will need a degree or a diploma with a marketing major.

Brand manager

Brand managers are accountable for raising awareness and the perceptions around an organisation or product. The permanent position of a brand manager will allow for a lasting career within the marketing industry. The job will require you to have knowledge of the market positioning for different products and an in-depth understanding of the message. The job titles include brand manager, assistant brand manager, product manager, product development manager, marketing and brand specialist and brand partnership coordinator.

Campaign manager

A campaign manager will have responsibility for marketing a product, brand or line of products. There will most likely be a budget that will need to be allocated across the marketing channels. A campaign manager will run an effective campaign in order to get the highest possible return back from the budget. Graduate internships are available in this field.

Content creator

A simple way to start a career in the marketing world is by being a content creator. Graduate and internship jobs are offered by marketing agencies and businesses that need to produce new content, often for things like blogs and websites. Most content creation is writing based, but it can include social media posts, animations, videos and images. Some job titles include being a graphic designer, content creator, digital content coordinator, social media content creator and an eCommerce copywriter.

Digital marketing manager

A digital marketing manager is responsible for organising the online marketing efforts of the business and is involved in social media, online advertising, website design, web form design, online customer relationship management, and search engine optimisation. Student internships can be found in this area of marketing. Digital marketing is a great place for individuals to start out their career.

Market Research

Working in a market research centre means your job’s role is to sound research methods and get insight into the consumer markets, the effectiveness of marketing types and how the products are perceived and used. The market research techniques include sales data analysis, A/B testing and sales data analysis. Job titles include being a market research director, market analyst, market research supervisor and market research manager.

Marketing Assistant

Being in the role of a marketing assistant means that you are responsible for most of the routine tasks that don’t need much experience. The senior marketers will delegate tasks to their younger colleagues when they need to free up some of their time. You may respond to emails, do certain telemarketing and copywriting task, gather research data and information and update the marketing content. Job titles may include being an office and marketing assistant, a marketing assistant, administration assistant, customer information officer or customer correspondence coordination.

Social media specialist

Working as a social media specialist means you are an expert in using platforms like Instagram and Facebook for public relations and marketing. Most companies want to have a large number of followers, a positive image on social media, effective paid marketing campaigns and reach audiences through good content. In this field, you need to stay up to date with social media trends and marketing strategies.

The Australian job market is full of marketing jobs. You just need to decide which one is most suited for you and then go out there and search for it.