Why are Russian spy planes flying over US Bases?

tupolev 154

A Russian spy plane has flown over secret US military bases — such as Area 51 — possibly America’s most guarded installation.

The Tupolev 154 surveillance aircraft was spotted in California last week, reports CBS News.

But rather than sending the US army into panic, there’s nothing the American authorities can do about it.

The aircraft is flown under the Treaty on Open Skies — an agreement between Russia and the US that allows unarmed military airplanes to fly over each other’s land. It empowers both superpowers to track each other’s military forces and aims to facilitate global tensions.

The Tupolev 154 is fitted with high-definition cameras and flew with the consent of the White House, officials said. US Air Force experts scrutinized the airplane for compliance ahead of its flight and American observers were aboard the aircraft.

Flight data revealed it flew over key military sites this week including to the state of Nevada where Area 51 is. The intensely secretive website has long been associated with UFOs and military conspiracy theories.

Many believe, Area 51, which is part of a US Air Force facility, is host to a crashed spacecraft from different planets and their alien being pilots.

After decades of speculation, the US government acknowledged its presence after declassified documents were published.

Last December, it flew over Ukraine after Russia captured three Ukrainian naval ships off Crimea.

Aside from Russia and the US, there are 32 other states that are members of the Open Skies treaty.

area 51 from above
Area 51 from satellite image